As a busy small business owner, it is often difficult to keep on top of a long to do list, especially if you are trying to conquer being a solopreneur. Time management is so important when you are a business owner and often the key to mastering time management is to set aside time to get your business organized. However, that is easier said than done.

Help your time management skills by giving easy tasks to a Virtual Project Manager

How many times have you set aside time to streamline your business workflow just to have it interrupted with more pressing issues, or had something take longer than you had anticipated?

There is a solution to your chaos.

Have you ever said to yourself as a solopreneur, “urgh, I wish someone else could do this” or “I really do not want to do this, but no one else is going to do it so I guess I have to!”

Help your time management skills by giving easy tasks to a Virtual Project Manager

I am here to tell you, that someone else can help you with those tasks and can 1000% help with your time management! Masters at organization and time management, Virtual Project Managers can take on a variety of tasks to help streamline your business workflow and increase your productivity as a solopreneur.


Well first let’s define what a workflow is:
A workflow is a repeatable pattern of tasks that are performed in a defined sequence to achieve the end result.

Virtual Project Managers can set up a variety of workflows in a small business to increase your company’s overall time management in the future. They can streamline the process of various recurring workflows that will ensure no steps gets missed and have all pertinent information is organized for easily accessible so you are not wasting time in the future searching for what you need.

For example, common workflow’s that a Virtual Project Manager can assist with include: employee onboarding, blog management including the posting of your own posts and accepting guest posts, social media content, incident reporting, product launch and many more


Being a solopreneur is hard work and you have a million different things on the go. Posting on social media is probably at the bottom of your to do list, especially if you are in the middle of a new location opening, product launch or about to start offering a new service.

Virtual Project Managers can assist with what and when to post on social media. Since they are overseeing everything within your business, they know when a project is on track for a specified launch date and therefore know when it can be shared. As they excel in time management they will collect important information during the project that is vital to be shared on your social accounts.


Technology is an amazing thing and can make so many things easier and increase your time management. But at times it can be very time consuming and overwhelming. A Virtual Project Manager is a guru at setting up systems and accounts because essentially that is what they do and work with every day.  

Help your time management skills by giving easy tasks to a Virtual Project Manager

Having your accounts set up properly and fully to help increase your time management as a solopreneur. Get everyone on your team set up to have access, have correct details put in to avoid future issues and get accounts linked to streamline processes such as social media posting.


Have a Virtual Project Manager organize your digital mess. Often times solopreneurs do not have the time or patience to organize their digital content and they have it spread out everywhere in a giant mess!

Help your time management skills by giving easy tasks to a Virtual Project Manager

To increase your time management, have all your digital content organized to save you time and stress. What do I mean by that?

Organize your digital content by:

  • Renaming all of your files accordingly. Have your receipts named as receipts, and logo files named as logos.
  • Creating appropriate folders for documents. Have everything pertaining to employees payroll in one account and separate from your companies utility bills
  • Colour coding documents. This can save you loads of time in the future when looking for a file. Especially if something can be filed under 2 or more different folders.
  • Organizing your inbox with folders and labels. Inboxes can easily become a catastrophic mess quickly. Get that cleaned up an organized ASAP to make your life just a little bit easier in the future!
  • Utilizing digital storage. If you do not have a shared folder for your team in Google Docs you need to get one now. Any documents your team may need should be in this shared folder. Do not bottleneck your team’s productivity and have your team waiting for you to send them a document. Become an expert in time management and have important documents already shared with them.

This is an original product from Samantha Elizabeth to help small business owners grow their empires.

In 2019 Samantha started her own virtual business as an Organizational Strategist to help small business owners get organized and increase their productivity in order to grow their business. She combined her passion for travel and desire to own her own business together to fulfill both dreams at once. While on the road, she started Miss. Samantha Elizabeth on her own and continued to expand while she traveled.

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